General Workers SAPS EC with Grade 10

General Workers SAPS EC with Grade 10


REQUIREMENTS : Applicants must display competency in the post-specific functions of the post; Be a
South African Citizen A Grade 10 qualification will serve as an advantage. Basic
literacy, numeracy and communication skills. Be able to read and write. Willing to
work extended hours when necessary. Fluency in at least two official languages, of
which one must be English. Must have no previous convictions or cases pending
Applicants will be subjected to a vetting process which will include security
screening and fingerprint verification Be willing to work irregular hours. Additional
requirements applicable to the posts of K9 Unit: – not being allergic to dust/animals

SALARY : R102 534 per annum (Level 02) – Public Service Act, 1994 (Act 103 of 1994)
CENTRE : South African Police Service, Eastern Cape
Alice – Ref No: EC01/03/20
Keiskammahoek – Ref. No: EC02/03/20
Middledrift – Ref No: EC03/03/20
Burgersdorp – Ref No: EC04/03/20
Jamestown – Ref No: EC05/03/20
Malatswai – Ref No: EC06/03/20
Cala – Ref. No: EC07/03/20
Gonubie – Ref No: EC08/03/20
Needscamp – Ref No: EC09/03/20
Scenery Park – Ref No: EC10/03/20
Rossouw – Ref No: EC11/03/20
Baviaanskloof – Ref No: EC12/03/20
Committees – Ref No: EC13/03/20
Peddie – Ref No: EC14/03/20
Tyefu – Ref No: EC15/03/20
St Francis Bay – Ref No: EC16/03/20
Thornhill – Ref No: EC17/03/20
Khubusiedrift – Ref No: EC18/03/20
King Williams Town Flying Squad – Ref No: EC19/03/20
Zele – Ref No: EC20/03/20
Paterson – Ref No: EC21/03/20
Zwide – Ref No: EC22/03/20
Maluti K9 – Ref No: EC23/03/20
Mount Fletcher FCS – Ref No: EC24/03/20
Pohlile – Ref No: EC25/03/20
Bethelsdorp – Ref No: EC26/03/20 (2 Posts)
Chatty – Ref No: EC27/03/20
Mount Road: Civil Litigation – Ref No: EC28/03/20
Qumbu – Ref No: EC29/03/20
Tsolo – Ref No: EC30/03/20
Cambridge: Ant Corruption Unit – Ref No: EC31/03/20
PHO: Finance & Admin– Ref No: EC32/03/20 (X2 Posts)
Hamburg – Ref No: EC33/03/20
Port Alfred – Ref No: EC34/03/20
Lusikisiki POPS – Ref No: EC35/03/20
Port St Johns – Ref. No: EC36/03/20
Cathcart – Ref No: EC37/03/20
Ilinge – Ref No: EC38/03/20
Kolmane – Ref No: EC39/03/20
Mlungisi – Ref No: EC40/03/20
Ntabethemba – Ref No: EC41/03/20
Kamesh – Ref No: EC42/03/20

DUTIES : Maintaining of a high level of hygiene in and around the workplace with the cleaning
of the SAPS premises assigned to, which may include either or both inner and outer
parameters Performing tasks of a routine nature, such as dust working the
environment Polish furniture and floors Vacuum carpets and mopping of tile floors
Remove refuse Perform maintenance tasks in and around the assigned premises
Clean bathrooms and kitchens Safekeeping and handling of a variety of Aids in the
cleaning of the premisesLoading and unloading of goods Garden maintenance
services Washing and cleaning of state vehicles, kitchenware and utensils.

ENQUIRIES : PO Nogaga / PO Zenani Tel No: (040) 608 7158/155/156

APPLICATIONS : Applications form must be hand delivered to (Please ensure that your application
forms reach the correct Recruitment Centre which the ref. number are allocated to):
Aliwal North (EC04/03/20 to EC06/03/20) 21 Grey Street (Old SPAR Building),
room 103 / 108 Ground Floor, Aliwal North 9750 Enquiries W/O Zililo / PPO Lepota
Tel No: (051) 633 1443 / 1470

Alice (EC01/03/20 to EC03/03/20) 1 Bell Street, Alice 5700 Enquiries PO Bukani /
PO Mawisa Tel No: (040) 653 0875
Cofimvaba (EC07/03/20) Cofimvaba Cluster, Main Street, Cofimvaba 5380
Enquiries PPO Mdlungu Tel No: (047) 874 0009 (Ext. 119/114)
East London (EC08/03/20 to EC10/03/20) Waverly Park, Room G06, 36 Phillip
Frame Street, Chiselhurst, East London 5201 Enquiries Capt Hen Tel No: (043) 711

Elliot (EC11/03/20) 17 Barry Road, Elliot 5460 Enquiries Capt Gcebe / PO Matshiqi
/ AC Njokweni Tel No: (045) 931 6026 / 6028
Graaff-Reinet (EC12/03/20) 4 Middle Street, Graaff-Reinet 6280 Enquiries PO NR
Johnson Tel No: (049) 807 1128
Grahamstown (EC13/03/20 to EC15/03/20) Grahamstown Police Station, 16
Beaufort Street, Market Square, Grahamstown 6141 EnquiriesPO Lungile Tel No:
(046) 603 9109

Humansdorp (EC16/03/20 & EC17/03/20) 2 Rheebok Street, Panorama,
Humansdorp 6300 Enquiries PPO L Gova Tel No: (042) 200 7107
King William’s Town (EC18/03/20 to EC20/03/20) King William’s Town SAPS, 28
Amatola Row, King William’s Town 5600 Enquiries Capt Zoya / AC Jongihlati Tel
No: (043) 604 0163 / 0170
Motherwell (EC21/03/20 & EC22/03/20) Motherwell Police Station, 1St Floor –
Room 145, 100 Tyinira Road, Motherwell NU 10, 6212 Enquiries Capt Engelbrecht
Tel No: (041) 407 6462 / 6521

Mount Fletcher (EC23/03/20 to EC25/03/20) Taylor Bequest Street, Mount
Fletcher, 4770 Enquiries W/O Lesirela Tel No: (039) 257 0020
Mount Road (EC26/03/20 to EC28/03/20) Mount Road SAPS, 1-9 Lennox Street,
Mount Croix, Port Elizabeth, 6000 EnquiriesLt Col Pohleli Tel No: (041) 394 6629
Mthatha (EC29/03/20 & EC30/03/20) PRD II Building, 10th Floor, Room 1053,
Sutherland Street, Mthatha, 5099 Enquiries Capt Z Mabusela / PO G Makamba Tel
No: (047) 505 5141 / 5279

Mdantsane (EC31/03/20) Mdantsane SAPS, 2ND Floor, 1 Mazaule Street, NU1,
Mdantsane, 5219 Enquiries Lt Col Kemp Tel No: (043) 708 7000
Port Alfred (EC33/03/20 & EC34/03/20) 3 Pascoe Crescent, HRM – Room 28,
Port Alfred, 6170 Enquiries AC Z Joni Tel No: (046) 604 2023
Port St Johns (EC35/03/20 & EC36/03/20) Port St Johns SAPS, Berea Road, Port
St Johns, 5120 Enquiries PPO Johannes Tel No: (047) 564 6230 / 6223
Queenstown (EC37/03/20 to EC41/03/20) Old SANDF Base, Building 57,
Queenstown, 5320 Enquiries PO Bakumemni / PO Nyathi Tel No: (045) 808
Uitenhage (EC42/03/20) Uitenhage SAPS, Broad Way Building, Chase Street,
Uitenhage, 6229 Enquiries PO E Tshikila 041 996 3015
Provincial Head Office (PHO) (EC32/03/20) Griffith Mxenge Building, Recruitment
& Staffing, Zwelitsha, 5601 Enquiries:PO Nogaga / PO Zenani Tel No: (040) 608
7158 / 154/248
CLOSING DATE : 31 July 2020 at 16:00 (Applications received after the closing date and faxed or emailed copies will not be considered.)
NOTE : Only the official application form (available on the SAPS website
(www.saps.gov.za) and at SAPS recruitment offices and/or Police Stations) will be
accepted. T

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